Youngstown Bike Map - The entire city.

Youngstown Bike Map NW - The northwest section. 

Youngstown Bike Map NE - The northeast section. 

Youngstown Bike Map SW - The southwest section.

Youngstown Bike Map SE - The southeast section.

The four small maps have overlap and will print on a 8.5" x 11” sheet. The entire city map is 22” on the long side.

Interactive Mahoning and Trumbull county maps are also available online.



  • know and obey the rules of the road, have basic braking and shifting skills
  • can ride straight with no wobbling
  • signal turns and stops
  • prefer to avoid cars
  • are more comfortable making two-stage left turns, by stopping first at the far right corner, then waiting there for traffic to clear


  • can scan over a shoulder while riding a straight line
  • take a lane whenever necessary for safety
  • comfortably make left turns as a vehicle, especially on two lane or three lane roads
  • can stop quickly when needed
  • can start quickly from a stop 
  • are aware of road hazards and know to avoid them

RED ROADS are suggested for ADVANCED CYCLISTS who also:

  • are comfortable with faster or busier traffic, even with narrow lanes
  • can confidently take their place on any roadway
  • comfortably negotiate with motorists when needing to change lanes
  • easily make left turns by merging into a left lane or a left turn only lane
  • are expert at avoiding road hazards
  • are expert at anticipating traffic situations


Disclaimer: The Out-Spokin Wheelmen posts these maps only as a convenience for riders. No warranty is made or intended as to the safety or fitness of the highways, roads, streets, paths or other routes for bicycle travel. All indicated routes are merely suggestions and require the exercise of caution and discretion by the individual. The City of Youngstown and all other agencies, as well as their elected officials, officers, employees, and volunteers (including the Out-Spokin Wheelmen) disclaim any responsibility whatsoever and will not be liable in any manner for loss, damage, or injury occasioned by bicyclists of their own volition, travel along roads, streets, paths, or other byways of Ohio.