I’m sure we all know that you’re supposed to use hand signals when on a bike.  Um... just like everyone knows that you’re supposed to used turn signals when driving a car.  Right?

(When friends visited us from Ireland, they were astounded about American drivers. “They don’t use their indicators!!”  But that wasn’t you they saw, right?  Uh... right?)

I’m also sure that everyone knows the three basic bike hand signals: Arm bent down with palm back, to say you’re slowing or stopping.  Left arm straight out to the left to say you’re turning left or changing lanes leftward.  Right…

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It’s been a brutal winter.  Our club riding mileage is down, and my riding is certainly down.  But now that the thermometer’s no longer encrusted in icicles, things are looking up.

And you should be looking down!

I’m talking about potholes and other road hazards, of course.  We’ve got record crops of potholes.  Some roads look like they’ve been bombed out!  TV and newspaper articles show how bad potholes are for motorists, but they can be at least as bad for bicyclists. We can get a flat tire just like they can, but we’re much more likely to crash.


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Riding a bicycle with a toddler can be challenging, but it can also result in some of the most pleasurable and memorable days of your lives together. Don’t be afraid to take your toddler for a bike ride, just make sure you’re prepared for it.


Where do I put them?

There are two common ways to tote your toddler on a bike: pulling them behind you in a trailer or strapping them into a special seat attached to your bike. Here are some of the pros and cons of both methods.


Trailers - Pros

  • Stable – If you…

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How many bikes do you need?  Some say the correct number of bicycles to own is “N + 1", where N is the number you currently own. 

That’s a nice way of always justifying another bike! I can see a problem, though. That policy leads to an infinite number of bikes. Even if your house is huge, storing infinity will always be a problem!

But a couple years ago, despite out tiny house, I did add “+ 1" to my bikes, sort of. Really, it was more like “+ 1/10" because what I did was assemble a bunch of…

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Anyone joining one of our club rides will notice the warnings riders give to other riders. “Hole!” or “Glass!” or “Gravel” pop out pretty frequently. But probably the most common is “Car Back!”

So what’s the result? Usually, riders “single up” with those on the left finding a way to move further right. But is this mandatory? How far right should we move? Should we just ride single file all the time? Are there times we shouldn’t single up?

While I am not a lawyer, I’m aware that the laws are a little weird on these points.…

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