When Lights Won’t Turn Green

Anyone who bicycles in a city has had this problem: You stop for a red light, you wait and wait, but it never turns green. Then a car pulls up behind you, and the light turns green. The light’s control box detected the car, but it failed to detect your bike. It’s a real irritation, and it probably convinces some bicyclists that traffic lights aren’t for them.

The Ohio Bicycle Federation is working to allow us to treat such lights as legally defective. (That’s part of House Bill 145, which would also require three feet of passing clearance by cars.)…

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Do you know laws for bicycles in your own town?  You should check them out - you may be very surprised!

I know I got very surprised when I checked the ordinances for Poland Village.  I knew that the Ohio Bicycle Federation worked with the state legislature back in 2006, to ensure that local bike ordinances could not fundamentally conflict with Ohio traffic laws. Cities could not, for example, prohibit riding on any non-freeway road.  They could not require use of a sidepath.  They certainly couldn’t require riding facing traffic.

The OBF got all that written into law because many…

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This is about a minor safety problem, but I think it’s worth mentioning: I’ve noticed that there are club members and NEOC riders who are not very good at starting off from a standing stop.

Huh?  How can you be bad at starting off?  And why would it matter, anyway?

Well, I think it can matter if you’re in a situation where you really need to get going.  Say you’ve been waiting and waiting to cross a busy street, and you see a brief gap in traffic.  If you start off strongly, you can get across; but if you bobble…

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