As a cyclist, you know that there are risks of being involved in a crash when riding. Even the most alert and aware cyclists can be involved in a crash at any time due to the negligence of a careless motorist. If you have suffered an injury because of a crash, you might want to consider filing a personal injury claim to recover your losses. Here are some things you can do to prepare yourself for a quick and easy personal injury claim, or just a simple claim with insurance.

Take Photos at the Scene

You need to take photos…

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"Hmm.  Looks like it's going to be a nice day tomorrow. I think I'll do a bike ride. Let's see what the Out-Spokin' Wheelmen ride schedule has lined up. Let's see, here it is... "NOTHING??? How can that be? Not a single scheduled ride on such a pretty day?"

Folks, we need more ride leaders! We need members who are willing to commit a day to the club, to do their part to keep the club going. Without lots of rides, it's not much of a bike club!

There are always people who think about leading a ride, but…

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It’s a good idea to look around the OSW website from time to time. Lots of work has gone into it, and many members may not know all the information that it contains.


For example, at

there are about a dozen “Safety Tips.” Here they are:


  1. Obey All Traffic Laws including stop signs, traffic lights, right turn only lanes.

  2. Ride on the Right Your bike is a vehicle! Never ride facing traffic.

  3. Watch for Road Hazards Gravel, glass, potholes, wet metal in the rain.

  4. Avoid Amish Buggy Grooves!!If your wheel touches one, it can throw you!!…

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As I’ve mentioned, we’re in an era of “safety inflation.” It seems nothing is ever safe enough!  I’ve had people seriously tell me “If any measure will make life safer, we ought to use it!”

So things get “safer” every year.  Playgrounds are now paved with thick rubber instead of dirt.  Inside certain cars, every surface hides an air bag.  Kitchen knives come with warnings that they may be sharp. Screwdrivers come with warnings to always wear goggles, and so on.

But I think that some thing actually are safe enough. And I think some “safety” detriments outweigh the…

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Safety is a funny concept these days.  Lots of people want absolutely as much of it as they can get; and what was safe enough last year, or five years ago, is now just too dangerous for them.

Does a car have only 5 airbags?  Then it’s time to buy a new one, with ten airbags, because that’s obviously safer.  Is the playground equipment ten years old?  Then it should be replaced, because this year’s stuff is safer, and it doesn’t matter that no kid’s been hurt.  One might call this safety inflation:  “Always strive to be safer. You can’t…

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