The name to be used by this organization is “The Out-Spokin’ Wheelmen, Inc.”


The organization will serve its members with organized bicycling of all sorts including, but not limited to: touring of short, medium, and long distances; camping; racing; and mountain biking. The organization will engage in advocacy issues as its membership sees fit to enhance government relations.  This organization wishes to promote bicycling in all aspects possible, and to that end is committed to the League of American Bicyclists as an organization and encourages its members to personally belong also.


Membership is available to all persons eighteen (18) years of age or older who pay to the Treasurer the appropriate dues.  Annual dues are payable each March.  Individuals under eighteen (18) years of age require a family membership with their parent(s) or their legal guardians.  The above are the only requirements for membership.

Membership is available on an annual individual and individual life plan for all persons eighteen (18) years of age or older, and on an annual family and family life plan of two (2) or more persons living at the same address.  Dues will be recommended by the Executive Board at an amount to cover the reasonable needs of the club.  Individual life and family life dues shall be ten (10) times the corresponding annual dues.  Changes to the dues must be approved by a majority vote of the members present at a regular monthly membership meeting.

Annual dues must be paid in full at the time of application.  Dues on the life membership may be paid in one (1) payment or in no more than four (4) installment payments due in full by April 15th of the following year.  Any individual or family member wishing to become a life member after having paid the current year’s dues will get full credit for the current years toward the cost of the life membership.  Any requests for special consideration or exceptions should be directed to the Executive Board for consideration.  The decision of the Executive Board will be final.

Family life membership is entitled to a maximum of two votes.  If one spouse dies and the life member remarries, the new spouse becomes part of the family just as new children do.  Adopted children have the same status as natural children.

In cases of divorce these choices are offered:

Convert the family membership to two (2) individual memberships, by paying the current difference between the family life and the two (2) individual memberships, or

One half of the couple may transfer the family membership rights to the other.

Any individual life membership can be converted to a family life membership by paying the current difference between the individual and family life membership dues.


The dues collected from members, donations, organized rides, advertising, interest accrued, and any funds raised by the members for the benefit of community shall be the only revenue for the organization.  These revenues will be expended for the benefit of all or a majority of the membership and will not inure to the benefit of any private member.  The Executive Board will have authority to disburse funds for appropriate activities and functions including, but not limited to, newsletters, patches, bicycle touring and camping, and any ordinary expenses.  All extraordinary expenses must be brought to the general membership for approval.

The membership of the organization may override any decision of the Executive Board by a 2/3 majority vote of the membership present at a regular or special meeting.


The Executive Board shall be made up of the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and Trustee, each serving a one year term commencing in November.

The President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer are to be elected by the membership at the October meeting.  There must be due effort to notify the members by either written or oral means (preferably by a notice in the newsletter) that the election will be held.  Nominations will be opened in September and re-opened during the election.

The immediate past President shall be termed the Trustee.  If the immediate past President is not available, this position will be open to election.  Candidates for this position must have served the club as an officer during the year just ending.

The only other requirements for candidacy for office are that the candidate be a member  of “The Out-Spokin’ Wheelmen, Inc” and that no person may currently hold two (2) offices on the Board.

Election to the offices named above requires a majority vote of the members present at the election meeting.  If no member receives a majority vote, then voting will proceed for the two (2) individuals receiving the greatest number of votes until one receives a majority.

There will be only one (1) vote cast per individual membership and no more than two (2) votes per family membership regardless of the number of members in the family.  All members, in order to vote, must be present or have submitted a duly executed signed proxy ballot.

Any officer may be removed from office for any cause by a 2/3 majority vote of the full membership of the organization.


The President is responsible for the general membership of the club and any duties which that may entail.

The Vice-President is to assist the President in performing his/her duties and will take over for the President in his/her absence.

The Secretary is responsible for taking minutes at all meetings of both the membership and the Executive Board.  The Secretary is also responsible for any and all club correspondence related to the office.

The Treasurer is responsible for the orderly management of the funds of the club.  He/she shall keep a detailed account of all dues, donations, revenue, and expenditures of the club.  He/she will take direction from the Executive Committee in disbursement of funds.  The treasurer shall provide a monthly statement in the newsletter to make known the financial status of the club.  At any member’s request, the Treasurer will make public the Treasurer’s records.

The Trustee is to attend Executive Board meetings and through his/her knowledge of the club provides continuity in club procedures from one year to the next.

The five (5) members of the Executive Board shall serve as the corporation’s five (5) Trustees.


The Executive Board has the authority to appoint various advisors and committees as it deems necessary to carry on the activities of the organization.


In order to insure the safety of club members and to maintain the safety standards expected of a cycling club, the Club requests the following:

All persons accept membership with the intention of operating a bicycle in accordance with the Ohio Vehicle Code, and

All members are requested to properly maintain a bicycle in safe operational order with necessary safety equipment for the type of riding (i.e., working brakes, safe steering, good tires, mirror, helmet, etc.).


This Code of Bylaws may be amended or repealed, or a new Code adopted, at any regular meeting of the membership, by an affirmative vote of 2/3 of those present, provided the proposed changes have been published in the newsletter at least one month prior to the meeting.

The above bylaws were unanimously approved at the regular membership meeting of “The Out-Spokin’ Wheelmen, Inc”, May 9, 1990.

Article II was amended and unanimously approved and adopted at the regular membership meeting of “The Out-Spokin’ Wheelmen, Inc”, June 8, 1994.

Article IV was amended and unanimously approved and adopted at the regular membership meeting of “The Out-Spokin’ Wheelmen, Inc”, September 8, 2004.